Sunday, June 5, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos de ME!!!

I'm practicing my Spanish. Maybe one day I'll have a whole post in espanol....


This weekend we celebrated my 30th birthday! Nick did a wonderful job spoiling me and included some fabulous surprises. I started off on Friday by not working and waking up to a living room full of balloons! That was a fabulous gift in itself! Then Kristen, Julie & Giada brought me breakfast and presents! I got 2 tomato plants that I'm hoping to keep alive and actually get some fruit from! I'm told they're they easiest plants ever, we'll see...

Friday night we had dinner with our families at Casa Flores. It was delicious as always and followed by THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER. YUM!

Saturday Kristen & Jason went with us to the Giants game. It poured all the way there but thankfully the grounds keeper's forecast was correct and it stopped just in time for the game. It was also Cody Ross bobblehead day! I'm happy that my Giant's bobblehead collection has now grown to 2! The kids were great, we even got to watch most of the game from our seats. If only they had won, sigh.

What a wonderful thing to wake up to!!

Fun festive wear for the game!


Before the game in the rain

Check out our hair flair!!! So many people asked if we sell them!

Awesome baby sitters

and then it was nap time....
Sometimes we all need a boost

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

This Memorial Day weekend was packed with fun. We had a camp out in the rain at Lake Coldani and the Brummett family came out to celebrate Jerri's 30th birthday!

The weather forecast for the weekend was a little cold, but nothing to stop us from driving 3 miles up the 5 to camp at Lake Coldani. All was sunny and fine until clouds came out of nowhere and the skies opened up. We retreated back to the Coldani's house for dinner and to let the weather pass then headed back out to the lake for s'mores and camping. Hilder and the kids amused themselves in the puddles :)

Dylan & Giada on babysitting duty in the Nomad

The Brummetts visit! I love all of the different expressions in each shot.

All cuddled up watching Cars. Of course, neither of them fell asleep. I mean, come'on, it was only 10:30pm.

Random Catch-Up

I'm busy, and lazy, and tired. But I have a lot of cute pictures and videos of the kids and I like to show them off so I'm throwing them all into one big post. My Mom calls it "efficient". I like that.

Story time

Aubrey's 1st mini-ponytail!!! It's fun to have a girl this time!

Mmm, carrots

We went to Matt & Steph Fuhrman's wedding. It was beautiful and nice to have a night out!

My new assistant

And she sits!!!!

...and falls!

Big helper

We went to a crazy hat brunch for Kristen & Julie's birthdays
Officially a stomach sleeper

And now for the videos...

Warning: Explicit lyrics! He loves this song and we've since found a clean version :)

Happy Mother's Day & Happy 80th Birthday Mampy!

For Mother's Day we headed down to Torrance to visit my family and surprise my grandpa for his 80th birthday. It was a great trip and so fun to watch all of the kids play.

We enjoyed time in the pool.

Aubrey's 1st dunk!

We went to the park one afternoon. The park now has batting cages, a great add since we've moved away!

We also went to dinner to celebrate. My Grandma surprised Mampy again and had some of their friends fly in!

Dylan's elbow got in the cake...

Don't worry, Mamaley took care of it.